About Us


Miremar International Logistics was founded in 1999, exclusively dedicated to aero exports. Its first clients were meat-processing plants, labs and textile industry companies.

Its founder Omar Rodríguez gathers experience and knowledge of these particular goods. Personal treatment, direct contact with airlines and careful handling of goods gave Miremar the acknowledgment as a safe and reliable company.

Today on its second generation, markets and business have been expanded to every area of the international logistics, but it stills keeps its founder principles; working in constant communication with clients and providers, introducing new technologies and training constantly to maintain its status as an ethic, safe responsible and professional agency.

Mission Statement

Being a relevant logistic chain for our clients, offering effectiveness and safety through an alliance with providers and commercial partners, keeping constant communication and control over the logistic procedures; so we can help our clients to achieve their commercial intent.

Vision Statement

Being an outstanding logistic operator, recognized for our ethics, effectiveness and responsibility of controlling processes and operative management of the goods commercialized by our clients.

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Security Policy

“We believe in a secure world of cooperation and trust where success is achieved through teamwork, in which our work allows the connection between companies and work, ideas and people.

That will be the base of the world we want to ensure, where our availability and the personal approach of our services represent a solid base of support for international trade.

Our objectives will be measurable, profitable and focused on the safe development of our business and that of our business partners.

And in this way, through our technical, operational and commercial experience, we will provide confidence, always being there where our clients need it.

We will work with vocation to sustain and ensure this path, complying with the legal regulations, fighting any activity related to terrorism, arms trafficking, drug trafficking or contraband in our operations”

Our objectives

We offer experience and energy, combining these two elements to form an operation optimized and adapted to the needs of the client, based on the following objectives.

Security and Confidence

The reliability and security of our services are the main objectives in its development, providing an optimized cargo management service, always in accordance with the requirements of the client and in full compliance with international requirements and national regulations.

Professional Ability

Acquired responsability requires strengthening our technical skills and rationally use the experience. Conscious that the most important value in an organization are people, we seek to create the conditions that facilitate our personal and professional development. We also want to obtain from our business partners the maximum professional capacity and an aproved service vocation.

Greater efficiency

Occupying a leading position as an international freight agent and being the first choice of its customers requires us to find the balance point between lower cost and more benefits. The greater efficiency of our services will focus on market opportunities and technological advances in information management, offering a modern and contemporary service.

Focus on the client

The transfer of products offered by MIREMAR S.A is based on a cargo network with high security international connections. But our service is oriented with a pragmatic and enterprising spirit, we focus first of all on the individual behind the client, because we understand that each client is different and your knowledge gives us security.


Our attitude makes the difference and it is the basis to achieve our objectives. Therefore our availability to work is a key force to MIREMAR S.A., allowing us to take advantage of the synergies of our customers adapting to new oportunities, reducing uncertainties and cushioning the fluctuations of the economy in our business.

Our Team

Santiago Rodriguez


Rossana Arcos


Tulio Perez


Laura Pareja