General Services

Our team is trained to offer logistic solutions in order to fulfill a safe handling of your goods, no matter if it’s via air, sea or road.
We track and report your shipment and count with an online platform accessible 24/7 for our clients.


Our aero services count with:
  • Direct air freight
  • Consolidated air freight
  • Inter transport and distribution of goods to all Uruguay, including free zones, from and to Carrasco’s International airport (MVD)
  • Dangerous goods transport counseling

Broad services through our vast representative agent network all over the world.

Sea Freight

Our aero services count with:
  • Sea freight for full containers (FCL/FCL).
  • Sea freight for consolidated cargo (LCL/LCL).
  • Inter transport for FCL and LCL cargo.
  • Container put together for hanging clothes transport.

Road Transport

Our terrestrial services count with:
  • Exclusive trucks international freight.
  • Exclusive highways international freight.
  • International freight for consolidated cargo.
Goods packaging service

Packaging assemblage for perishable products at low temperatures transport.
Fragile and special merchandise packaging design and assemblage.
Container put together for and packaging for hanging garments.


In place.
At Free Port facilities.
At Free Airport facilities.
At Free Trade Zone Warehouses.

Goods in transit

Paperwork and transportation for merchandise in transit through Uruguay to third countries, for example Paraguay. Paperwork and transportation of merchandise in transit from and to free zones.

Customs clearance

Whenever the global transport service requires it, our company can provide the Uruguayan customs clearance service through our associated customs broker.